The Wild Bunch were a group of thugs working under Lucky Roulette. They were responsible for attacking Evergreen and selling off Wendy's Brother Micheal to The Claw.


Tuxedo Blowing in the Wind: Van come across several members of the Wild Bunch facing off against Wendy and other people of Evergreen within a chapel. They seemingly shoot Wendy (although the bullet hits her tortoise Kameo saving her life.) They attempt to intimidate Van into giving them his valuables but he easily defeats them using his sword.

Soon after the gang follows their leader Lucky Roulette into invading the town and giving the town's people one day to hand over their wealth, or they will attack with Lucky Roulette's Armor.

That evening in a saloon, the three Wild Bunch members who were defeated by Van inform Lucky Roulette of what happened. Van walks in and the Wild Bunch watch Lucky Roulette and Van play a card game. When Van loses the Wild Bunch throw him out of the saloon.

The next day at dusk, the Wild Bunch follow their leader into Evergreen and attack, causing massive amounts of destruction. Lucky Roulette captures Wendy and forces her to watch as his armor and gang ruin the town.

Van appears to defend the town and fights several members of the Wild Bunch, taking them out easily. Encouraged by his bravery, the Mayor and other towns people also fight back. This causes Lucky Roulette to become enraged and he enters his armor, causing a massive retreat from the towns people and the Wild Bunch.

As the Wild Bunch flee their enraged boss, a stray shot from Lucky Roulette's armor shoots the getaway car, blowing his gang up in the process. [1]

The Vengeance Within: Wendy has a flashback to the time her brother hid her from the Wild Bunch during their attack on Evergreen. [2]


The Wild Bunch's primary goal seemed to be the looting and pillaging of towns, stealing their riches and valuables for their own gain. This also seemed to include people trafficking, as Lucky Roulette tells Van and Wendy that he sold Micheal to The Claw. The group has access to numerous firearms which they used to gun down their opposition as well as intimidate people into surrendering their valuables



  • The Wild Bunch were voiced by Sam Regal, Kyle Herbert, Talis Axelrod and Liam O'brien (the later also voicing Ray Lundgren) in the English Dub and Shigeru Shibuya, Naoki Imamura, Junji Kitajima and Katsumi Toriumi in the Japanese Dub.


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