Wendy is a young girl who accompanies Van on his journey to find the Claw. She's bent on bringing her older brother, Michael Garett, back home to Evergreen after he was kidnapped. However, her journey takes a strange twist when she runs into him and he seems to have changed.


Wendy is a young girl in her early teens with bright green eyes, and equally bright orange hair. She wears a dress with a white under blouse and black under shorts. The dress is also orange.

Her hair is always up in pigtails, with four little red beads tying down locks of her hair down to the sides of her face. Around her neck, she wears a little star-shaped shell that seems to be clipped to the brown chord. However, this little "shell" is actually a rare turtle said to protect the one who finds it. She calls him Kameo.

An unusual feature about Wendy is that she's always wearing a gun in a holster about her back. Intricately etched into the pistol's handle is the name of her brother, "Michael Garett". Which she tells those she meets that it's her brother's Gun.


For an episode-by-episode summary, see Wendy: Series History.

Wendy is Van's first traveling companion and joins him to find her brother Michael Garret who had been kidnapped by the Claw. Wendy is kind, compassionate, and determined and often wishes to assist those in need of help that they meet during their travel, in contrast to Van's policy of leaving everybody to him/herself. Around her neck is a pink tortoise, Kameo, that serves as a good luck charm, given to her by her brother. In the first episode it does so by stopping an incoming bullet meant for her, which leaves it with a dent in its shell.

Wendy grew up in a town called Evergreen with her brother, whom she deeply cares for as he protected her from danger in her early childhood days. She carries her brother's gun which she retrieved after his kidnapping. The gun contains only one bullet, and Wendy does not use it until the final episode of the anime, ironically to shoot her brother.

A point constantly made in the series is Wendy's coming of age. She is often irritated when people put her aside as a child and she has attempted various times to be more adult-like in Van's presence from when he dismissed her as a brat in the first episode to go back to her town, and Wendy tells him to stop treating her as a child because she was ready to be his wife at any time. With each progression in the story, she begins to be more ladylike as she learns more about the world. When she finally finds her brother, she decides to continue journeying with Van to find out what is right or wrong and what is true happiness, especially when she finds that she cannot deny that the world the Claw envisioned was attractive to her. She eventually follows Yukiko in trying to help the others despite not being able to fight. Also, Wendy grows to refute Van's statements at times, standing for her beliefs instead of subsiding. At the end, before Van departs, he remarks to her about how she'd grown since the first time he'd seen her in Evergreen.

(An older Wendy is seen years later at the end of the series, retelling the events of the series to a reporter. By that time, Kameo had grown to the size of a coffee table and Wendy's cooking had become oriented towards how 'Van liked it', as she explains to the reporter. At that point, Van stumbles into her house unexpectedly, asking for some food and milk yet again, and the two stare at each other in shock.)

Her relationship with Van is another aspect as it presented her with a revenge-driven drifter who still managed to be kind. She goes to extensive lengths to take care of him and it has been hinted quite constantly that she has feelings for him. Wendy refers to Van as her hero in the beginning, but sheds that title from him as she learns more about him, growing closer and seeing him with his flaws and his hidden side; she refers to this part of him with a memory of 'how very sweet and precious he looked when he was like that' (Episode 16 preview).


Although she comes across as a rather klutzy girl, Wendy is actually very smart. She tends to always gets herself wrapped up in a big mess, but is usually saved by Van or Carmen most of the time.

Rather energetic, Wendy does have quite the keen learning curve and big curiosity. With a big heart, her main goal is to find her brother and rescue him from The Claw. Throughout their journey, Wendy appears to have grown a fondness toward Van. Always caring for him, his wounds, and the likes when she feels it's necessary.

Intuitive and strong willed, Wendy always perseveres through. Her first bold act was when Van first came to Evergreen and walked away from helping them fight against the gang holding the townspeople in the mall. She did as such by saying, "If you help us, I'll be your bride!" Even though she was immediately shot down, she did learn that Van was a really nice person under those rough edges.

Wendy is often underestimated because of her youth, but proves her worth by helping people and showing her smarts where she can.



  • Van: Van saves Wendy from the Wild Bunch. In return, Wendy provides him with a meal. She initially wants him to defend her town Evergreen from The Wild Bunch, even going so far as to offer to be his bride. Van initially refuses, but ultimately saves Wendy from Lucky Roulette, saving the town in the process. Van and Wendy learn from Lucky that The Claw took Wendy's brother Michael. As they both want to find The Claw, Wendy accompanies Van on his journey. As they continue onward, Wendy helps Van out on many occasions, while he also saves her from multiple threats. Although Wendy can find Van's laziness and single-track mind irritating, she also sees the softer side to him when he tells her about his wife Elena. The pair come to respect each other for their main goals, and support each other throughout their travels.
  • Carmen: Initially, Wendy found Carmen annoying as Carmen considered her nothing but a kid that Van was babysitting. However, the pair help each other out when they confront the Baron Mayor, with Carmen rescuing Wendy from his clutches. Wendy comes to admire and respect Carmen, and Carmen sympathizes with Wendy's goals. The pair become friends with Carmen playfully teasing Wendy like an older sister would.
  • Joshua: Wendy finds immediate kinship with Joshua, as they are both trying to find their older brothers. Joshua is very kind and warm to Wendy when they first meet, and he later joins her and Van in pursing The Claw. Like Wendy, Joshua often gets underestimated for being younger, but he and Wendy often work together to help out where they can.
  • Yukiko: Yukiko lets Wendy stay with her when she and Van arrive in Gloria. Wendy tells Yukiko about her travels and Yukiko is impressed and a little jealous, as it is her dream to travel. When Yukiko joins Wendy and Van later on, she and Wendy bond further. Wendy helps Yukiko with domestic affairs, and Yukiko often provides Wendy with emotional support.
  • The El Dorado Five: Wendy considers the El Dorado Five true heroes. She cheers them on when they fight Bucci, and later is pleased to see them when they join her and Van.
  • Priscilla: Wendy is initially sympathetic to Priscilla, as she is fighting in the armor tournament to help her family. She becomes a little jealous of Priscilla's crush on Van, but is still friendly towards her.


  • Michael: Wendy and her brother grew up poor, and only had each other. Michael practically raised Wendy, and always kept her safe from the dangers their town faced. However, when Michael was kidnapped, Wendy had to fend for herself, eventually teaming up with Van to find him. When she reunites with Michael, he reveals his desire to stay with The Claw which shocks her. Wendy can't understand how Michael would follow a man like that, and Michael can't believe she would venture out on her own the way she did. Wendy tries to convince Michael to return hope with her, but he coldly rejects her as he believes in his Comrade's dream. This forces Wendy to purse Michael in order to stop him.
  • The Claw: Wendy has a grudge against The Claw for kidnapping Michael. She also sees the cruelty of The Claw from her adventures - learning The Claw killed Van's Wife, The Twin's in B-5-10, the S-Drive Dragon and the events in Trinolia. When she first meets him, she is unaware of who he really is and has a helpful conversation with him. He tells her about his dream to end all suffering, and Wendy can sympathies with that. When Fasalina appears and gives the man his Claw, Wendy realizes who he is and is terrified. She has conflicting feelings about The Claw - on one hand, he kidnapped her brother and has caused many to suffer, but on the other, his dream is noble. Ultimately, Wendy stands against The Claw, and he admires her for sticking to her principles.




  • Wendy is the only character to appear in every single episode.
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