Wendy is a young girl who accompanies Van on his journey to find the Claw. She's bent on bringing her older brother, Michael Garett, back home to Evergreen after he was kidnapped. However, her journey takes a strange twist when she runs into him and he seems to have changed.


Wendy is a young girl in her early teens, or late teens. With bright green eyes, and equally bright orange hair, she wears a dress with a white under blouse and black under shorts. The dress is also orange.

Her hair is always up in pigtails, with four little red beads tying down locks of her hair down to the sides of her face. Around her neck, she wears a little star-shaped shell that seems to be clipped to the brown chord. However, this little "shell" is actually a rare turtle said to protect the one who finds it. She calls him Kameo.

An unusual feature about Wendy is that she's always wearing a gun in a holster about her back. Intricately etched into the pistol's handle is the name of her brother, "Michael Garett". Which she tells those she meets that it's her brother's Gun.


Seeming like a rather klutzy girl, Wendy is actually very smart. Although, she always gets herself wrapped up in a big mess, she ends up being saved by Van or Carmen most of the time.

Rather energetic, Wendy does have quite the keen learning curve and big curiosity. With a big heart, she seems to be aimed more on finding her brother later on in her journey with Van. Throughout their journey, Wendy appears to have grown a fond heart toward Van. Always caring for him, his wounds, and the likes when she feels it's necessary.

Intuitive and strong willed, Wendy always perserveres through. Her first bold act was when Van first came to Evergreen and walked away from helping them fight against the gang holding the townspeople in the mall. She did as such by saying, "If you help us, I'll be your bride!" Even though she was immediately shot down, she did learn that Van was a really nice person under those rough edges.


Wendy with Van