Tuxedo Blowing in the Wind is the first episode and premiere of Gun X Sword Anime series. It first aired on the 5th of July, 2005. It is the first episode in the first Volume: The Endless Illusion.


A lone wanderer wearing a tuxedo and a Cowboy hat enters a vast and desolate town. He come across a group of ruffians and a girl in trouble. Little does he know that his fate and hers are soon to entwine...


On the verge of starvation, a man named Van, enters a church looking for food, but he encounters some thieves after a 12-year-old girl named Wendy Garret. After being rescued, Wendy graciously brings him back to her town of Evergreen, where she treats him to lunch.

Van meets the Mayor of Evergreen, who asks for Van's help. He explains that Evergreen is under siege by a gang called the Wild Bunch led by their boss, Lucky Roulette. Lucky then makes an appearance in the town, making a public threat that he will attack the town if they don't hand over their vault.

The Mayor begs for Van's help, but he declines. Wendy persistently chases after him, even offering to be his bride.

Lucky later attacks the town with his armor. Van finally summons his armor, Dann, after Wendy is threatened and Lucky attacks Van dishonorably – from behind.

After Van defeats Lucky Roulette, Van and Wendy confront Lucky on the whereabouts of Michael Garret, Wendy's brother. Lucky says he sold Michael to a man with a claw on his right hand a week past, but doesn't know where they are now.

The next day, when Van leaves to continue his search for The Claw, Wendy informs him she is joining him because she intends to rescue her brother. Nothing Van can say will convince her otherwise. Whether he likes it or not (and he doesn't), he has a companion.


Character English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Van David Vincent Takanori Hoshino 
Wendy Garett Stephanie Sheh* Houko Kuwashima
Lucky Roulette Gerald C. Rivers Kyousei Tsukui
Wild Bunch A Sam Regal Shigeru Shibuya
Wild Bunch B Kyle Herbert Naoki Imamura
Wild Bunch C Liam O'brien Junji Kitajima
Wild Bunch D Talis Axelrod Katsumi Toriumi
Mayor Doug Stone Kazuo Oka
Secretary Elise Baughman Tomoko Miura

*Credited under Jennifer Sekiguchi


"Dead as a doornail. That's just great... Why couldn't have die after i'd eaten ya?"
- Van's first line.
"Thanks a lot! For saving me I mean!"
- Wendy's first line.
- Van referring to his meal.
"For man, each day is a test. Desire, dreams and fate try him at every turn. Only the man who does not run from these things can obtain luck."
- Lucky Roulette
Wendy: "Give me back my big brother!"
Lucky Roulette: "Sorry baby, but i'm the lucky one today!"
- Wendy and Lucky Roulette



  • Unlike subsequent episodes, the credits start before the episode ends. 
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