The Original Seven was a group of armor riders that worked for The Claw. Each member of the Original Seven rides an armor in service of The Claw.

Background Edit

The Original Seven were founded in order to watch over and keep the peace on the planet, The Endless Illusion.

The seven armors and the satellite ring which contains them were originally built on Mother Earth. They were launched into orbit around The Endless Illusion to act as wardens, as the planet was originally a prison.

According to Gadved, The Original Seven eventually became corrupt and were destroyed, all succumbing to their own individual lusts for power. Most of the armors were left in space, docked in their individual satellites. The only exception was Saudade of Sunday, which was locked away in a massive coffin and left underwater in the coastline of Meuuniere.

Gadved eventually had plans to re-establish The Original Seven and began by training an individual he met named Van.

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