"I dream of a world where everyone lives in peace, where people can walk side by side in harmony together." - The Claw explaining his dream to Wendy
Koo Krying Kroo, better known as The Claw is the main antagonist of the Gun X Sword series.

A fanatical and unassuming man, The Claw was able to convince numerous individuals of the validly of his Dream to reformat the planet, the Endless Illusion. In doing so, he believed he would bring everlasting peace and uniformity to the troubled world.

Appearance Edit

The Claw is an elderly man with shoulder length grey hair and amber eyes. He is often dressed in comfortable clothes, similar to that of a gardener. Upon activating the Birthday System, he wears a white, straitjacket-like overcoat with a chain.

The most notable part of his appearance is a golden metal claw where his right hand should be.


For an episode-by-episode summary, seeĀ The Claw: Series History.

Little is known of "The Claw" or even his true name, as he is almost exclusively referred to as such or by his companions as "Comrade". Although the origins of this character can be considered mysterious, there are a few important points within the plot which shed light on his dealings in the past. Throughout the first eleven episodes of the series little to nothing is known of his appearance or personality but solely of his actions. Van, Wendy,Carmen 99, and Josuha stumble upon many of either his grisly failed experiments or actions along their journey leading us to think of him as the quintessential villain, only to have the tables turned on the viewer come his reveal in episode 12.


The personality of the Claw at a glance is that of a compassionate elderly man, although among further examination what lies beneath that facade is utter madness. The one driving force behind his existence is his pursuit of his "Dream" to create a ultimate peace among men. Although to accomplish this, any ends justify the means, and as a result he and his "Comrades" leave in their wake devastation.

Trivia Edit

  • In Super Robot Wars K & T, his true name is revealed to be Ku Kryeng Kru
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