"I dream of a world where everyone lives in peace, where people can walk side by side in harmony together." - The Claw explaining his dream to Wendy
Koo Krying Kroo, better known as The Claw is the main antagonist of the Gun X Sword series.

A fanatical and unassuming man, The Claw was able to convince numerous individuals of the validly of his Dream to reformat the planet, the Endless Illusion. In doing so, he believed he would bring everlasting peace and uniformity to the troubled world.


The Claw is an elderly man with shoulder length grey hair and amber eyes. He is often dressed in comfortable clothes, similar to that of a gardener. Upon activating the Birthday System, he wears a white, straitjacket-like overcoat with a chain.

The most notable part of his appearance is a golden metal claw where his right hand should be.


For an episode-by-episode summary, see The Claw: Series History.

Little is known of "The Claw" or even his true name, as he is almost exclusively referred to as such or by his companions as "Comrade". Although the origins of this character can be considered mysterious, there are a few important points within the plot which shed light on his dealings in the past. Throughout the first eleven episodes of the series little to nothing is known of his appearance or personality but solely of his actions. Van, Wendy,Carmen 99, and Josuha stumble upon many of either his grisly failed experiments or actions along their journey leading us to think of him as the quintessential villain, only to have the tables turned on the viewer come his reveal in episode 12.


The personality of the Claw at a glance is that of a compassionate elderly man, although among further examination what lies beneath that facade is utter madness. The one driving force behind his existence is his pursuit of his "Dream" to create a ultimate peace among men. Although to accomplish this, any ends justify the means, and as a result he and his "Comrades" leave in their wake devastation.



  • Gadved: Gadved met The Claw sometime after the deaths of the first Original Seven. The Claw shared his dream with Gadved who came to believe in his dream too. He calls The Claw "Comrade", something that all of The Claw's followers would do. Gadved proceeds to reform the Original Seven, ultilising their various skills to work in realizing The Claw's dream. The Claw trusts Gadved to command The Original Seven in service of his dream. When Gadved is killed by Van, The Claw mourns him, noting he was devoted and faithful.
  • Michael: The Claw had heard of Michael's unique talents, and hired Lucky Roulette to find him. He regretted using this method due to Lucky's violent abduction of Michael. However, when The Claw explains his plan to Michael, Michael becomes one of his followers and a member of The Original Seven. He faithfully serves The Claw, and is an important component to realizing his dream due to Saudade. The Claw often puts Michael at ease, and trusts him to do the right thing for his dream.
  • Fasalina: The Claw came across Fasalina when she was working as a prostitute. He rescues her from that life, and allowed her to join The Original Seven. She is grateful to him for seeing potential in her. She serves as his right hand, travelling across the Endless Illusion in order to acquire important elements for his Dream. He will often follow her advice, and understands that she has feelings for Michael, suggesting she go on a date with him.
  • Woo: William Will Woo is The Claw's son, fathered with Woo's Mother. Woo was initially very jealous of his father, wanting his mother's love to himself. He attempted to kill The Claw as a child, but his mother jumped in the way and was killed instead. It seems that in her death, she convinced Woo to love and follow his father. As an adult, Woo works as a member of The Original Seven, serving The Claw to realize his Dream. The Claw trusts that Woo will follow his desires and can be relied upon to preserve life in the name of his Dream.
  • Carossa/Melissa: The Claw recovered Carossa & his twin sister Melissa from B-5-10 and then traveled through the land, leaving an S-Drive Dragon in Joshua's hometown to cover his tracks. It is implied that The Claw worked with Elle & Earl's Father to create genetically engineered clones to power the armor, Twin Lock. The project was named Project Carossa, and it Carossa was clearly named after this. As The Claw rescued Carossa & Melissa from the town, the twins serve him as part of The Original Seven. It seems that they were especially developed for The Claw's plan, with them piloting the twin armors, Sin of Friday & Sen of Saturday. The twins are grateful to The Claw for saving them from their hometown, and work to realize his dream along with the other Original Seven.
  • Joe Lutz: Joe had seen the cruelty of the Endless Illusion, losing many of his friends in the past. At some point, he met The Claw, who shared his dream with Joe, offering him a better world. Joe decided to join The Claw, calling him Comrade like his other followers. On behalf of The Claw, Joe keeps Van & Wendy on his island as guests, misleading them and trying to manipulate them to give up their pursuit of The Claw. However, they realize his machinations and Joe is forced to fight Van with the armor The Claw gifted him - Golden Cradle. Joe is defeated, and destroys himself in order to prevent Van from extracting any information from him about The Claw.
  • Researcher: One of The Claw's faithful followers, he helps recover Saudade of Sunday in Meuuniere. He works at The Claw's base, informing The Claw about the Birthday System and it's capabilities.
  • Kujyo: One of The Claw's assistants, Kujyo works closely to The Claw. He keeps the Claw up-to-date with the situations at hand.
  • Woo's Mother: Woo's Mother seemed to be completely in love with The Claw. The Claw's feelings towards her are unclear, but it is likely that he cared for her, as he fathered a child with her, and raised their son after she died.
  • Elle & Earl's Father: Creator of the Carossa Project, Elle & Earl's Father created the project for his "Comrade" in order to create genetically engineered clones that could control armors through a symbiotic relationship. Elle & Earl's Father died before he could give The Claw the results, but left him a video to inform him of the success he achieved - Carossa, Melissa and Twin Lock.


  • Van: The Claw wanted Van and his fiance Elena to join him in his dream. Because they refused, The Claw attacked them, killing Elena and wounding Van. Van now wonders the land to get revenge on The Claw. When he confronts The Claw, The Claw doesn't seem to remember what happened. Regardless, he seems to find Van's pursuit of him impressive, noting that Van's desire for revenge is his dream.


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  • In Super Robot Wars K & T, his true name is revealed to be Koo Krying Kroo. This name was mentioned in the episode Neo Originals by Woo.
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