Saudade of Sunday

Saudade of Sunday after opening the coffin.

One of the Original Seven Armour and is piloted by Michael Garret. Saudade of Sunday was retrieved from the sunken ruins of a city in episode 10, can be assumed that it is the only Original Seven armor without a satellite station. When it is in its compact form it has the appearance of a gun with bayonets. In humanoid form it sprouts several large wings which functions as large solar panels. It is the only Original Seven Armour that has this as it is the only one without a satellite station (no refuelling). Saudade wields a gun that fires energy beams and has bayonets attached.
Wings and Sunday

Saudade of Sunday's wings and energy gun


It is considered one of the most powerful among the Original Sevens even boasting to be the best. The solar wings that were developed and added onto the Saudade of Sunday make this armour one of the most formidable armour as it never has to refuel unlike the other original seven armours which need to refuel at their satellites.

It is destroyed in episode 25 by Van/Dann. Michael/Saudade was surprised by Van's skill. After taking several hits Van/Dann slashes down with his sword and destroys Saudade gun and then propel both Dann and Saudade down. Van continues his slash to complete a 'V' shape. Michael is even more surprised that one of the older Original Sevens defeated his one.

V attack on Sunday

Van's 'V' attack