Robot Damashii (ROBOT魂), or The Robot Spirits, is a line of real robot action figures by Bandai. A spiritual successor to the Gundam's Mobile Suit in Action!! line, the "Side MS" sub-line covers mobile suits from the Mobile Suit Gundam meta series. Other sides include "Side KMF" (Code Geass), "Side LFO" (Eureka Seven), "Side AS" (Full Metal Panic!), "Side VF" (Macross Frontier), "Side EVA" (Neon Genesis Evangelion), "Side HL" (Zegapain), "Side FFN" (Fafner in the Azure), "Side AB" (Aura Battler Dunbine), "Side HM" (Heavy Metal L-Gaim), "Side RV" (Round Vernier Vifam), "Side MA" (Metal Armor Dragonar), "Side LABOR" (Mobile Police Patlabor), "Side RM"/"Side RSK" (Cross Ange), "Side OG" (Super Robot Wars Original Generation), "Side SK" (Knight's & Magic), and "Side JAEGER" (Pacific Rim), as well as an unspecified Side for Doraemon.

The toyline also produced another side called "Side YOROI", which focuses on the Armors from the show.




Take note that the figures below may or may not saw release in the future.