"Grab your guns! Protect the town!" - The Mayor
The Mayor is the leader of the Town of Evergreen. He and his people were under the threat of the Wild Bunch until Van appeared.

Appearance Edit

The Mayor of Evergreen is a plump, middle aged man with smart cropped brown hair. He wears a smart black suit over a white shirt. It's clear he dresses up to the standard a Mayor should hold.

History Edit

Tuxedo Blowing in the Wind: Wendy brings Van, to the Mayor in order to convince him to fight for Evergreen. The Mayor tells Van about the Wild Bunch and the attacks the town has suffered because of it. The Mayor and his Secretary serve Van a meal and the Mayor promises to pay and feed Van if he defends the town.Van turns down the offer to the Mayor's dismay.

Suddenly, The Mayor and company are shocked to hear a loud explosion. They see the Wild Bunch, lead by Lucky Roulette approaching. The Mayor begs Van for his help but to no avail.

The Mayor and his town have exactly one day to surrender to the Wild Bunch, and the Mayor contemplates surrender for the entire day,

The Wild Bunch attack as promised and The Mayor and the town hide in fear until Van appears, fighting back. The Mayor rouses his people to fight back too, and a gun fight ensues.

After the Wild Bunch is defeated, the Mayor and his Secretary locate the vault, and he promises to rebuild the town. [1]

A Song for Everyone: The Mayor and his town's people in Evergreen watch as the Moon comes closer to the planet. [2]

Personality Edit

A kind caring man, the Mayor of Evergreen wanted his town to prosper and implored Van to help him defend it. Upon seeing Van fight the Wild Bunch, the Mayor himself fights back, actually shooting a member of the Wild Bunch and encouraging the Town's people to defend Evergreen.

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  • The Mayor's real name is unknown.

References Edit

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