Lucky Roulette's Armor was a massive Armor used by Lucky Roulette and his gang the Wild Bunch. Lucky Roulette utilized it to terrorize the town of Evergreen until it was defeated and destroyed by Van using Dann.


Like most armors, Lucky Roulette's armor had a cockpit in which Lucky Roulette could enter and manually control. It could also function interdependently, shooting down buildings in Evergreen without Lucky Roulette riding it.

It seemed to run on tire tracks similar to a tank and could move quite fast but was unable to fly.


Lucky Roulette and the Wild Bunch use this armor in their attack on Evergreen. The towns people were forced to retreat as Lucky Roulette used his armor's primary weapon system; multiple gun turrets connected to the armor. The guns destroyed much of what was left standing of the town as the Wild Bunch focused on a frontal attack.

However, the armor proved ineffective against Van's Dann of Thursday, and was quickly destroyed by him. [1]



  • It is possible that The Claw gifted Lucky Roulette this Armor for payment towards gaining Michael from the Wild Bunch.


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