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Joshua Lundgrum

Eye Colour: blue

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Ray Lundgren (brother, dies)

Joshua is Ray's brother and is talkative, upbeat and sociable. Though he deeply cares for Ray, he is entirely different in behavior than his older brother.

Joshua claims his brother changed to his present behavior after his wife, Shino, died at the hands of the Claw, and although he also loved Shino, he wishes for Ray to accept her death and return home instead of exacting his revenge on her killer. Joshua has great technical skills, being able to repair numerous everyday items, analyze armor weaknesses, and even set up timed explosives and create an improvised tasers out of batteries and various other parts.

Joshua is somewhat dense when it concerns females. During repairs on Brownie (Priscilla's armour), he moved the platform crane (<--- can't remember the proper name for the machine) to the window of the shower as he needed to ask Priscilla about Brownie's parts and Priscilla happened to be in the shower and of course, he gets hit by Priscilla. Also, Joshua enters the women's restroom at the train station to find Wendy and the security ask if he was the one snooping around and Josh replied "Yes".

When he and Wendy first meet, they instantly get along, probably because they share so much in common. However, Van finds Joshua very annoying, and when Joshua is hospitalized after being injured when Ray confronts the Claw for the first time in the series, Van leaves Joshua behind. however, Joshua manages to catch up thanks to Priscilla's hoverbase and Carmen 99 rounding up everyone, and they rejoin Van and Wendy for the final showdown.

When Ray is killed, Joshua rushes to his aid, only to find himself captured by the Claw. However, before Yukiko can bust him out, he has already escaped, vowing to put a stop to the plan his older brother managed to stall before dying, and saves Yukiko as well. He is instrumental in the final battle as he succeeds in cutting power to Birthday thereby halting the Claw's plans.

In the end, Van considers him as a friend.