"I'm Joshua Lundgren! It's nice to meet you!" - Joshua

Joshua Lundgren is Ray's younger brother. He ends up joining Van & Wendy on their journey to find The Claw. His ultimate goal is to stop his brother from seeking revenge to maintain his humanity.


Joshua is a teenage boy with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a dark blue long-sleeved overcoat with a white apron-like collar adorned with a golden design. He wears matching dark-blue trousers and shoes. His overcoat contains numerous tools.


For an episode-by-episode summary, see Joshua: Series History.

Joshua is Ray's brother and is talkative, upbeat and sociable. Though he deeply cares for Ray, he is entirely different in behavior than his older brother. Joshua claims his brother changed to his present behavior after his wife, Shino, died at the hands of the Claw, and although he also loved Shino, he wishes for Ray to accept her death and return home instead of exacting his revenge on her killer. Joshua has great technical skills, being able to repair numerous everyday items, analyze armor weaknesses, and even set up timed explosives. Joshua is somewhat dense when it concerns females, however, since he just walks in on Priscilla when she was taking a shower, and entered a women's restroom to find Wendy in a train station.

When he and Wendy first meet, they instantly get along, probably because they share so much in common. However, Van finds Joshua very annoying, and when Joshua is hospitalized after being injured when Ray confronts the Claw for the first time in the series, Van leaves Joshua behind. however, Joshua manages to catch up with help from Carmen 99, and they rejoin Van and Wendy for the final showdown.

When Ray is killed, Joshua rushes to his aid, only to find himself captured by the Claw. However, before Yukiko can bust him out, he has already escaped, vowing to put a stop to the plan his older brother managed to stall before dying, and saves Yukiko as well. He is instrumental in the final battle as he succeeds in cutting power to Birthday thereby halting the Claw's plans.


Joshua is a considerate and friendly young man, who can be quite naive despite his intelligence. He can be very helpful at times, with his vast knowledge of various technologies. His naivety can sometime get him in trouble, like when he tried to find Wendy by going in the Female public bathroom.

He shows a great love for his brother, whom he wants to save from being consumed by vengeance. However, he eventually realizes he can't change is brothers mind and decides to help him.


While not a fighter, Joshua possesses a range of other skills that are indispensable to his allies. Growing up surrounded by armors, Joshua has a lot of understanding about how they work. Because of this, Joshua is also a keen mechanic, helping Ray fix/repair Volkein and being able to rig-up electronic devices with ease.



  • Ray: Joshua's older brother. Joshua loves his brother, and understands his quest for revenge. However, Joshua wants to stop Ray's quest for revenge initially as he worries that it will consume Ray. Although he attempts to stop Ray on several occasions, he ultimately comes to realize that Ray will never find peace if he doesn't seek his revenge. As he cares for Ray and his well being, Joshua offers to help him in anyway he can, often helping Ray repair and upgrade Volkein. He later confesses he wants to help Ray achieve his dream, so he can finally move on with his life. Joshua wants Ray to live, but Ray ultimately dies trying to kill The Claw. In his grief, Joshua works with Yukiko in order to sabotage The Claw's birthday system. In the aftermath, Joshua vows to find Ray and Volkein's remains, so he can bury his brother.
  • Van: When Joshua meets Van for the first time, he seems to get on his nerves. Regardless, Joshua helps Van out on several occasions. Despite this, Van continues to find Joshua irritating. However, Joshua sticks with him and Wendy in order to find Ray. Eventually, Joshua's skills and helpfulness convince Van of his worth.
  • Wendy: Joshua and Wendy form an immediate bond when they first meet. Both are trying to find their brothers. Joshua helps Wendy when they first meet, eventually leading to him joining her and Van in their pursuit of The Claw. Joshua provides a more sympathetic view of Wendy's situation, likely because he understands what it's like to have an older brother. They share a friendship in which Joshua tries to support Wendy in anyway he can.
  • Carmen: Joshua gets along with Carmen well. When she first meets him, she notes he is quite unlike Ray. She seems to prefer Joshua to Ray as he is more helpful. Joshua is quick to follow Carmen's lead. She seems to sympathize with Joshua's goal of saving Ray, and appreciates his intelligence and usefulness.
  • Yukiko: Yukiko and Joshua form a friendship when She and the El Dorado Five join up with Van's group. Yukiko shows concern for Joshua when he wants to help Ray during his fight with Fasalina. She begs with Joshua to escape if things get too dangerous. Later, Joshua get's captured after Ray is killed, and Yukiko comes to save him. She assists him in sabotaging The Claw's Birthday System.
  • El Dorado Five: Joshua gets on with The El Dorado Five. He often assists them with repairs to their armor, El Dora V. They seem to trust him with upgrades as he is good with armor.


  • The Claw: Joshua works against the Claw on behalf of Ray, who wants revenge for the Claw killing his wife. Although Joshua tries to stop Ray's quest for revenge (even taking a bullet for The Claw) he eventually works to aid his brother, especially as Joshua was fond of Shino (Ray's wife). When Ray sacrifices himself to halt The Claw's plans to reformat the world, Joshua vows to make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain. He works with Yukiko to bring down The Claw's armor, successfully stopping him from reformatting the world.


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  • Joshua's outfit bears a similar design to that of Priscilla's mothers.
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