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Carmen Goes Home Edit

Hayetah: "The thing is, its been colder because of the rain so the flowers haven't bloomed yet. It won't be much longer."
Fasalina: "That's alright, I shouldn't have come so early." - Hayetah & Fasalina (Fasalina's first line)


Fasalina travels to Trinolia to meet with Hayetah regarding the flowers she's been growing. The flowers are an important part of The Claw's dream. Hayetah tells her that the flowers are not in bloom just yet, and Fasalina apologizes for coming so early. She asks Hayetah to improve the strain of the flowers, and she will return in 2 weeks after visiting Zonnet Junction.

Where the Goodbyes Are Edit

"Let's try to get along shall we for our comrade's sake?"
- Fasalina calms her comrades.
At Zonnet Junction, Fasalina speaks with an analyst who tells her about the previous customer who only paid him a third of what he charged. He gives her the case she asked him to look at and he is grateful she paid in full. Fasalina notices a memo on the worktop and asks the analyst about it. He tells her it's just some notes from the previous customer's item. She is alarmed by this.

Later, Fasalina meets up with the other members of The Original Seven, just in time to cut off an argument between William Will Woo and Gadved. She is greeted by Carossa. She tells them she has souvenirs from her travels and that they should all eat together once they have finished their task.


Fasalina and Gadved then check in on Michael. Michael asks if HQ knows that they are reactivating and Fasalina tells him she took care of it. He thanks her and they all meet at the Coffin recovered from Meuuniere.

Fasalina and The Original Seven watch as the coffin is opened and Saudade of Sunday is revealed to be inside.

The Days of No Return Edit

Fasalina: "What say we go find a quiet spot and have a chat?"
Carmen: "I'm in a bit of a hurry."
Fasalina: "So am I in fact."
Fasalina along with Gadved, Woo, Carossa & Melissa oversee Michael's adaptation to the newly recovered Saudade of Sunday. Gadved tells Fasalina to make sure they get the armor running again as he has an errand to run. She tells him it's not a problem.

Later, when the initial procedures of Michael's adaptation to Saudade are complete, Fasalina departs from the others to "tie up a loose end". She plans to retrieve the Data Board that Carmen gave to the Analyst, as it could be a potential risk to their Comrade.

Fasalina has an announcement broadcast over the station telling Carmen to meet her at the Central Plaza. Meeting Carmen, she tells her that she is a friend of Hayetah's, which alarms Carmen. (Carmen knows a "woman" gave Hayetah the poisonous flowers that infected her hometown.) Carmen attempts to attack her but Fasalina activates her staff, aiming it at Carmen's neck. She tells Carmen they should find a private place to talk and then takes the Data Board off her.


Fasalina then heads to the Sky Garden to meet her Comrade. She gives him his prosthetic hand - a golden metal Claw. This shocks the young girl and boy standing nearby. Fasalina is then alarmed to notice a gunman up high on the sky light, and warns her comrade to look out.

Dream in Progress Edit

Fasalina: "Comrade!"
Carmen: "Payback's a bitch!"
Fasalina: "I'm afraid I'm in a hurry!"
Carmen: "Like I care honey!" - Fasalina faces off with Carmen
As the Gunman attempts to shoot down her Comrade, Fasalina uses her staff to knock him off balance and swat him away, keeping The Claw safe. She stands guard as The Claw inquires the Gunman about his dreams, learning that Gunman wants to kill him.

When The Claw asks the Gunman, named Ray to join the Original Seven, Fasalina seems shocked but still keeps guard.


Ray rejects the offer and launches another attack, only to be blocked by Fasalina. He manages to knock her aside and takes another shot at The Claw. Fasalina calls out to her Comrade.

Ray's brother Joshua jumped in front of the bullet and was hit in the arm. Shocked, Ray asks why would Joshua do such a thing, and Joshua tells him he doesn't want to see Ray become a murderer. Before Ray can act, Fasalina manages to disarm him with her staff. She then uses her comm device in her necklace to contact Zapiero Muttaaca and ask for back up just in case things excel out of control.

The Claw approaches Ray and Fasalina stays on guard, and warns her comrade that Ray means to harm him. She is shocked when she is hit in the back and Carmen 99 appears. Before anyone can act, Ray summons his armor, Volkein. Fasalina faces off with Carmen but is robbed of the data board she stole from her earlier. Ray attempts to shoot The Claw with Volkein but Saudade of Sunday appears, piloted by Michael. Fasalina manages to knock The Claw free of Ray's grasp and Saudade picks her and the Claw up and flies to safety.

Landing far away, Fasalina learns that Gadved was killed by Van, and she notes that she envies him for finally finding peace.

Neo Originals Edit

Michael: "I want to be stronger! For our Comrade!"
Fasalina: "I'll make sure you have the time to do so. I'm going to make you a man Michael, just leave it to me." - Fasalina promises to help Michael become stronger


Michael confides in Fasalina his over-emotion worries him as he has been given such an important task by their comrade. He wonders how can he possibly be of any help to their comrade in his current state. Fasalina tells him that although he wants to avenge Gadved's death, he may have to kill his own sister who has aligned herself with Gadved's killer Van. Although Michael claims he could kill Wendy if she stood in his way, Fasalina doesn't believe it. She tells Michael that he is still too unsure of himself. This comment is notices by Muttaaca who is nearby.

Regardless, Fasalina notes that Michael is willing to do the right thing, and that she will help him become the man needed to serve their comrade to the best of his ability.

Follow the X Spot Edit

Carmen: "Who the hell are you?!"
Fasalina: "My name is Fasalina, but I think this is the last time you and I shall meet."
Carmen: "Fasalina! Run while you can this is FAR from over!" - Fasalina introduces herself to Carmen properly.
Fasalina arrives at Bokini in order to retrieve an important item from Queen Catherine Nakata. The queen tells


her that the material has been tested thoroughly, and that it can be fully customized. Fasalina thanks her, noting the material will help her Comrade achieve there dream. Catherine invites Fasalina to an event the following day, but asks Fasalina to get a more attractive bathing suit for it.

The next day, Fasalina attends the event, watching from the sidelines with The Queen. She spots Wendy, remembering her as Michael's sister. She then says goodbye to The Queen and leaves through the back exit.

Suddenly, Fasalina is confronted by Carmen. Carmen asks her if she's in league with The Queen, but Fasalina tells her The Queen was just providing some freelance work. Carmen is pleased to learn this and then proceeds to attack her. Fasalina easily deflects her attack and swats her back with her staff. Carmen asks just who the hell she is. Fasalina formally introduces herself to Carmen, but tells her this is the last time they will meet.

Fasalina escapes as the building collapses, with Carmen yelling at her that their score is far from over.

Prayers Are For Saudade Edit

"My Dahlia is ready and waiting, just say the word." - Fasalina prepared to use her Armor should the situation arise for it.
Fasalina gives The Claw an update on Michael progress with Saudade. Things are looking good, although Carossa appears and claims Michael was picking on Melissa. Melissa denies it. The Claw asks for a further update on the heavens, with Fasalina informing him that the conditions are good. She suggests that he flesh out his plans for his followers at the next assembly, noting that his followers are finishing up their work and people are curious as to his true plans. He is hesitant, uncomfortable with taking such a public role.


However, later one of his followers informs The Claw of a Coup d'etat, in which Michael is being held hostage by Muttaaca and Domingo. They are demanding direct negotiations with The Claw, just as Fasalina predicted.

The Claw heads to the hangar accompanied by Fasalina, Melissa, Carossa and several other followers. Fasalina has her armor, Dahilia of Wednesday on standby should the situation call for it.

In the aftermath of the stand off, Muttaaca and his followers flee while The Claw accidentally kills Domingo with his claw. Fasalina asks Michael if he is ok as Melissa frees Michael from his restraints.

Michael goes after Muttaaca in Saudade, and Fasalina watches him destroy Muttaaca in his armor Drakul over a monitor alongside The Claw, Carossa and Melissa.

Wonderful Universe Edit

"Our Comrade is going to sacrifice himself for world peace. The truth is, he's contracted a deeply fatal illness. However for his final brilliant act, he's going to reformat the world." - Fasalina outlining The Claw's plan to Van and co.
Looking at Saudade, Fasalina is approached by Michael. He has just learned of Melissa's and Carossa's deaths. He wonders why Fasalina didn't tell him the twins were going to fight Van, as Michael could have helped. Fasalina tells him it was their comrades will, and that The Claw didn't want Michael distracted before his launch. Michael wonders if worrying about fellow comrades is needless, to which Fasalina tells him it is, even if he were to worry about her.

Fasalina sadly reflects on the fact the she and Michael are the last members of The Original Seven. Despite this, they can both help The Claw to realize his dream. Anything else is unimportant. Michael confesses to Fasalina that although he is willing to do his part for their Comrade's dream, he still doesn't fully understand it. Fasalina approaches Michael, and holds him. She tells him that she will help him understand their Comrade's plan, and proceeds to kiss him.

The pair make love inside of Saudade, where Fasalina explains the details of The Claw's plan. She tells him how Saudade is the key, and will help The Claw reformat the world, ending all tragedy. She explains that for this process to work, The Claw will sacrifice himself to bring the Time of Happiness.

The pair decide to try and take a more diplomatic approach when it comes to dealing with Van. Fasalina and Michael take a hover-car to the Hoverbase that Wendy is travelling on. While there, Michael attempts to convince Wendy to return to Evergreen, giving her a suitcase of gold. She cannot be bought that way, and reveals that Van wouldn't be either. With Fasalina's blessing, Michael tries to get Wendy to join him instead, noting that he can protect her better if she believes in him. She is still hesitant.


Suddenly, Van and his friends appear. Fasalina introduces herself and Michael to the group, noting that they could all become friends. Carmen tells her it's a little late for that. The group seem to think that The Claw's plan is to take over the world, but Fasalina tells them they are mistaken.

Fasalina outlines The Claw's plan to everyone, revealing that The Claw will sacrifice himself for world peace, reformatting the Endless Illusion so all living things will find commonality, creating true equality. She and Michael attempt to convince Van that The Claw will be dead soon regardless, as he has contracted a fatal disease. Van realizes that if he is going to get his revenge, he needs to act quickly to kill The Claw.

Regretful that Van would not cooperate, Michael and Fasalina escape, with Fasalina summoning her armor, Dahlia of Wednesday to stop Van and Co from going any further.

Prayers to Heaven & Peace on Earth Edit

Van"You're not like the others, you're a little too at ease. I can't tell if you wanna fight me or not! I don't like it, it's giving me the creeps! It's almost like i'm dealing with that bastard boss of your's!"
Fasalina"Why thank you! That's most kind. For me there's no higher compliment."
- Van and Fasalina battle

Van summons Dann to deal with Fasalina. Carmen tells him to bring her back alive as she has a lot to answer for.

Van confronts Fasalina. She knows about his past as was told by Gadved. She tries to get him to join The Original Seven, but he refuses. They fight and Fasalina quickly gains the upper hand, using Dahlia's staff to stab Dann through the hand. She also uses Dahlia's camouflage ability to sneak up on Dann and wound his foot too. Van realizes that Fasalina is unlike any of the other Original Seven.


The continue to fight, with Fasalina toying with Van. She easily manages to avoid his various attacks, and ensnares him with G.E.R fluid, binding him to the ground. He tries to use his secondary sword, but Fasalina binds him again, causing the sword to stab into Dann. She tries again to reason with Van, noting that his rage and anger is pointless. Van tells her to shove it, noting that he doesn't understand how anyone could submit to The Claw. Fasalina realizes that Van needs convincing, and binds Dann to Dahlia. She tells him that all he needs to do is give in and bare his soul. Van uses this distraction to reverse her fluid back onto her, stunning her.

Van attempts to finish Fasalina off, but The El Dora V arrive and knock her off a cliff, accidentally saving her. Fasalina is thankful to The El Dorado, as they inadvertently saved her from Van's finishing blow. Suddenly, Fasalina gets a warning on Dahlia's system, indicating underground movement detected. Realizing it's Volkein, Fasalina rushes off, worried about Michael. She knows that Volkein is equip with a long range pulse cannon, and it is likely that Ray intends to blast Michael before he gets into orbit.

Fasalina races to Volkien's position, narrowly avoiding Van again. She manages to knock Volkien's cannon of course, allowing Michael to launch into orbit safely. She then uses Dahlia's cannons to destroy Volkein's arms, and makes her escape before Van can get at her.

For Whose Sake? Edit

Worker: "Fasalina, an unidentified object has just been launched from Tech Base 1."
Fasalina: "Trajectory?"
Worker: "It's head out of the atmosphere, but it doesn't appear to be an ICBM. Shall I trace it?"
Fasalina: "Please do." - Fasalina watches over the operations at the base.
Fasalina oversees operations at the base as Michael heads towards the moon in Saudade. She receives word from a worker that there has an unidentified object launched into the atmosphere. She orders the worker to keep a trace on it.

A Song for Everyone Edit

"Comrade, only through you have I been reborn. If you hadn't come into my life, I'd still be stuck in that town, locked up inside myself, and selling my body. I want you to know how thankful I am our paths crossed that day." - Fasalina thanks The Claw for saving her from her past.
Michael contacts HQ and is pleased to hear from Fasalina. He tells her he has entered a strange ringed structure surrounded by blue fluid on the moon. The Claw speaks with Michael, and tells him all about the structure. It was originally a spaceship from Mother Earth, which was sent to the Endless Illusion to colonize the planet. Michael spot debris and corpses floating around inside the structure. The Claw reveals that the bodies where his former Comrades, but were driven be greed and ultimately destroyed each other. It was then that The Claw swore to create a world without conflict, no matter what stood in his way. Fasalina listens to this intensely.

The Claw begins his plan. Michael uses Saudade to activate the Destroyer system hidden in the Moon. He then uses Saudade to move the moon towards the Planet, which is connected to The Claw's birthday system. Fasalina seems overjoyed at the plan being finally brought to fruition.


Later, Fasalina and The Claw have lunch together, and the thanks him for all he has done for her. He tells her that he is grateful for her help too, as she secured the Metallic Fibers from Bokini which will allow Michael to safely reenter the atmosphere. He tells her the beach is a nice spot for a date, should she and Michael want to go.

A week later, Fasalina learns that Van's friends are closing in on their base, so she goes to stop them. Using her Dahlia, she leads an army of 1-0-1 armors to stop their advance.

Ray uses Volkein to shoot down many 1-0-1's, with guidance by Joshua. Joshua helps in directing Ray's attacks so he can defend the base. Ray then tells Joshua he doesn't need anymore help as he wants to take Fasalina on by himself.

The El Dora V and Brownie fend of the 1-0-1's, and Ray with Volkein faces off against Fasalina. She taunts him, noting that he's formed a strange group around him, but Ray denies it. She tells him to part with such idiocy, but he scolds her and prepares to fight.

End of a Dream Edit

Fasalina"You fight only for vengeance. But we fight for the sole reason of protecting our Comrade's dream! And those that live to protect are always stronger!"
Ray: "Just a bunch of knights in shining armor aren't you? Well let me tell you something! I had a dream once too. To live a peaceful life with the woman I loved. A modest one I know, but HE tore it to pieces when we wouldn't go along with his lunacy!"
Fasalina"Our Comrade's dream is for all of humanity."
Ray: "AND DO WE THROW OUT OUR OWN?! What did you think? What did you imagine we would do when our dreams were taken away?"
- Ray and Fasalina continue their fight.

Ray combats Fasalina with Volkein in front of the Hoverbase. Fasalina mocks Ray's attempts to even try to hurt Dahlia. He responds with missile attacks that she thinks are savage. Fasalina is suddenly contacted by HQ, and The Claw requests her presence at the activation of The Birthday System. Fasalina asks if Saudade has returned yet, but he hasn't. Fasalina leaves from her battle with Ray to witness the activation.

The Claw thanks Fasalina for her presence when the Birthday System is activated. She notes it's her pleasure, and is overjoyed with his dream finally being initiated. She watches as the blessing bell is activated, signalling the beginning of the World's reformat. The Terrraform base is activated, causing the entire island to ascend into the sky as the Birthday System comes online.


Seeing the system start, Fasalina returns to face Ray. She Dahlia to ensnare Volkein in her G.E.R fluid. Joshua breaks the Hoverbase Volkein is on and Ray attacks Fasalina, sending her flying backwards. He uses his pulse cannon to blast her, but she dodges, mocking him. However, he uses Volkein's deflecting cloak to redirect the blast at Dahlia again, damaging her shield and destroying her left laser cannon. Ray then orders Joshua and the others to retreat as he takes care of Fasalina.

As they fight, Fasalina scolds Ray for fighting only for vengeance, when she and her allies fight to protect their comrades dream, making them stronger. Ray counters by saying that his dream was to live in peace with his wife, but because they refused to go along with The Claw's vision, he killed her. While Fasalina claims her Comrade's dream is for humanity, Ray criticizes it for asking him and others to throw away their own humanity.

The pair continue to do battle, and Fasalina wonders how an ordinary rider like Ray could keep up with a member of The Original Seven. Ray reveals to her that the upgraded weaponry she and the other seven use was built from the weaponry found on Volkein. The fight becomes more intense, with Volkein and Dahlia damaging each other severely. Suddenly, Joshua, driving the Hoverbase surprises Fasalina, allowing Ray to blast Dahlia back with a powerful shot. He then destroys Dahlia with further blasts, leaving Fasalina immobile. However, she managed to damage his pulse cannon in the process, rendering it useless. Weakened, she tells Ray she cannot let him leave, but is too wounded to pursue him.

Later, Fasalina hears that Michael has returned to the island, and is happy that he is back safely.

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