"Yes, all life will share the same vision as our Comrade! What a wonderful Universe it will be!" - Fasalina in her hope for the Time of Happiness
Fasalina is a member of The Original Seven and right-hand woman of The Claw's. She is willing to do anything to protect his dream. She uses the Original Seven armor, Dahlia of Wednesday.


Fasalina is a beautiful woman with long black hair and yellow eyes. She wears a purple uniform consisting of a low-cut long sleeved robe and white thigh high boots.

Her uniform shares similarities with her Comrades as part of The Original Seven.


For an episode-by-episode summary, see Fasalina: Series History.

Before joining The Original Seven, Fasalina worked as a prostitute which she found degrading. She is recruited by The Claw, who promises her "tainted" body will be restored upon his plan being completed.

The Claw seemed to trust Fasalina greatly, as she performs numerous tasks for him during the series. She is instrumental in cultivating the flowers needed for his Birthday System, using Hayetah and the town of Trinolia as a farm of sorts. She also acquires important metallic fibers from Catherine Nakata, from the Kingdom of Bokini. This is where her rivalry with Carmen 99 begins, with Carmen resenting her for using Hayetah and her home town for The Claw's plans.

She develops a romantic relationship with Michael and helps mold him into the armor rider necessary to control Saudade of Sunday, which was a pivotal part of The Claw's plan.

When the Claw is killed by Van, and the former prostitute is defeated by Carmen in their own final showdown, Fasalina begs for Carmen to kill her, after losing all of her will to live. She is later reunited with Michael only to seemingly perish with him when a boulder lands on top of them. Whether or not they had survived is in question, since they are never seen afterward.


In Tuxedo Blowing in Tomorrow, Michael & Fasalina are presumably crushed by a large boulder as the island begins to collapse. Carmen is present to witness this, with the implication is that Michael & Fasalina perished.

However, Episode +, an audio drama epilogue to the series, Michael and Fasalina seem to have survived, fleeing the island and travelling by train to start a new life.


Outwardly calm and serene, Fasalina is shows a great passion for her Comrade's dream. She herself desires to be cleansed of her past, and takes comfort in The Original Seven almost like a surrogate family. She enjoyed the thrill of riding armors, facing Van and enjoying their battle immensely.

Battle Information

When battling in her Armor, Fasalina often taunts her opponents by being very flirtatious, thereby bringing them out of focus. She also pole dances with her staff to control her Armor.

When not fighting inside her armor, she uses a staff which can extend, bend or contract at her will. She was able to defend her Comrade from Ray's attack using her staff and it's range to swat him away. She could perform acrobatic maneuvers with her staff, making her a powerful opponent.



  • The Claw: The Claw met Fasalina when she was working as a prostitute, and rescued her from that way of life. Fasalina came to believe in his dream, with him promising her "tainted" body would be purified in the new world. She joined The Original Seven, piloting Dahlia of Wednesday in service of The Claw's dream. He trusted her to deal with important elements, such as procuring the special flowers for the Birthday System, and acquiring the metallic fibers from Bokini to aid in Saudade's launch. As a valuable member to his cause, The Claw would often listen to Fasalina's advice and desired her in put on certain situations.
  • Michael: Fasalina initially acts as a mentor-figure to Michael, understanding his doubts and naivety and wanting to guide him. As they work together, Michael eventually confesses his lack of understanding of their Comrade's plan. Due to their bond, Fasalina decides to share the true nature of The Claw's dream and the pair make love. As lovers, the pair show a deep compassion for each other, showing concern when either engages in battle while the other is unable to help. In the finale, Fasalina seems ready to die considering The Claw's dream has been stopped, but when Michael comes to save her, she finds a reason to keep living. While the pair seemingly get crushed by a boulder, they are revealed to have survived in the audio drama, starting a new life together.
  • Gadved: A fellow member of The Original Seven, Gadved & Fasalina have a mutual respect for each other. Gadved trusts Fasalina to take the lead on important tasks in service of The Claw's dream. When Fasalina learns of Gadved's death in service of their Comrade, Fasalina envies him for finally finding peace.
  • Woo: Fasalina & Woo have a working relationship, where both will expect the other to complete tasks if asked. They share a mutual respect for one another as fellow members of The Original Seven.
  • Carossa: Carossa seems to enjoy Fasalina's company, mainly because she seems to act like a maternal figure to him. When they meet in Zonnet, she brings him & Melissa food, knowing that they would appreciate it.
  • Melissa: Like Carossa, Melissa is fond of Fasalina, especially when she brings them food. When Fasalina learns of the deaths of Carossa and Melissa, she scolds Van for killing them, while daring to act like The Claw is evil for killing.
  • Hayetah: Fasalina had dealings with Hayetah in the town of Trinolia. Hayetah was growing special pink flowers that would be used in The Claw's dream, acting as a catalyst for his Birthday System. In return, Fasalina paid Hayetah handsomely, and provided her with medicine to combat the poisonous effects of the flowers. Later, when Fasalina confronts Carmen in Zonnet, she mentions she is a friend of Hayetah's.
  • Catherine: Fasalina deals with Catherine on behalf of The Claw, travelling to the Kingdom of Bokini. She speaks with Catherine in order to procure special metallic fibers for her Comrade. Catherine invites her to watch a sporting event the following day, but asks Fasalina to wear a "more attractive bathing suit."


  • Van: Initially, Fasalina tries to reason with Van, noting that his anger and rage is pointless. Van compares Fasalina to The Claw himself, which Fasalina takes as a compliment. She finds Van adorable to begin with, noting he is very attractive. However, as she does battle with him, she notes his savagery and rage. Van almost defeats her, but is accidentally saved by the El Dora V, stopping Van's attack from destroying Dahlia and herself.
  • Carmen: Carmen becomes a rival of sorts to Fasalina. This is caused by Fasalina's dealings with Hayetah, Carmen's childhood friend in their hometown of Trinolia. She purchased Hayetah's special flowers that were growing in her hometown. However, the flowers were poisonous and were causing problems all over town. This causes Carmen to resent Fasalina, and after several confrontations in Zonnet, Carmen becomes obsessed with getting even with her. Meeting again in Bokini, Fasalina introduces herself, but mocks Carmen, noting they are unlikely to meet again. However, Carmen arrives at The Claw's island with Van and a group opposed to The Claw's plan. Fasalina confronts Carmen in a special chamber containing the flowers from Trinolia. The pair to battle, seemingly on even ground. Carmen manages to cut a portion of Fasalina's hair off, causing Fasalina to ask Carmen why she has been pursuing her so relentlessly. Carmen reveals that she is jealous of Fasalina, for being so open and free to love her man openly. Although Fasalina tries to convince Carmen to be free that way, Carmen refuses, making Fasalina think she is selfish. When The Claw's plan fails and he dies, Fasalina is ready to give up living, begging Carmen to kill her. Carmen is willing to comply, but Michael arrives and gives Fasalina a reason to keep on living. Carmen leaves the pair, telling Fasalina she has a reason to live "right there" (meaning Michael).




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