"As long as we have this, we can find a way to rebuild." - The Mayor.
Evergreen is a run down town located on the planet The Endless Illusion. It came under the attack of the Wild Bunch for several months until it was rescued by a lone wanderer, Van.


The town was once a thriving and happy place, but fell under hard times under the attacks of the Wild Bunch. Micheal Garret, in his attempts to protect the town and his sister Wendy, was kidnapped and sold off to The Claw by Lucky Roulette, the leader of the Wild Bunch. [1]

Several months later, a lone wanderer, Van enters the town. He saves Wendy from the Wild Bunch and he eventually helps defend the town from the Wild Bunch, defeating Lucky Roulette and his armor. [2]

The town had a hidden vault with a vast amount of money within, which the Mayor uses to rebuild the town a new after defeating the Wild Bunch. [2]

The town would be continue to be rebuilt for a long time, with much of it's info structure being repaired or remade. [3]


Evergreen is located within a barren rocky desert and canyon like ranges. The town itself was boxed in by an octagonal wall that surround it entirely. The front entrance follows a road leading through the town to the Mayor's quarters, presented by a massive green turf with "ENJOY" mowed into it. The town is in a state of disrepair with numerous run down buildings, many of them seemingly abandoned. The remaining towns people seem to be located in the heart of the town along with the Mayor and the vault.




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