"I want to help Van... Help him now! And for all eternity..."
- Elena tells Gadved to save Van.
Elena was Van's wife. They met during his training to become an armor rider, in which she analysed his skills in order to help him ride Dann of Thursday. She was killed by The Claw on her wedding day, motivating Van to hunt The Claw down for revenge.


Elena's full face is never revealed in the series. She is shown to have long blond hair. She usually work a lab coat when working with Van and Dann. She is also seen in a white wedding dress.


Van met Elena during his time as a wanderer. She found him interesting and asked him to partake in gathering maintenance data for Dann of Thursday. [1]

She worked alongside Gadved, and shared a close friendship with him. It was through Elena that Van met Gadved. [2]

On the day of her wedding to Van, The Claw, invited by Gadved appeared and asked them to join his dream. When they refused, The Claw violently attacked them both, leaving Elena and Van near death. [3]

It was only due to Elena's pleads to Gadved that Van survived, with his body undergoing reconstruction, bonding his life cycle to Dann. Elena did not survive and was buried by Van's own hands. [4]


During his quest for revenge, Van would constantly remember losing Elena, much to his pain.[5] He pursues The Claw across the Endless Illusion, but time and time again just loses his trail. There are times when he considers giving up, like when he meets Joe Lutz who tries to quell his rage. However, Joe turned out to be a follower of The Claw, and was deliberately trying to lead Van astray.[6]

Van's bond with Elena would last after death, whereby his love for her and remembering that love would help him overcome and defeat Woo. [2]



  • Elena's face is never fully revealed in the series.


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