Diablo in compact form. (axe)

Characteristics== In appearance, Diablo is a bulkier version of Van's armor Dann of Thursday and appears in episode 12, where Gadved fought Van. It appears to be slightly stronger than Van's armor, although it is unknown if this is due to Gadveds longer experience in piloting or the Diablo itself.

In its compact form it resembles a giant axe and it therefore wields a large axe with a long shaft (a halberd) in its human form. Also it does not have any range


Not much of a history as it appears in episode 12 and then is destroyed in episode 13.

It was defeated by Dann of Thursday with Van's greater drive and conviction. Later near to the end of the series Dann of Thursday used Diablo's satellite to repair itself after Saudade of Sunday destroyed Dann's storage satellite while on its way to the Moon. Diablo's satellite station was destroyed when Saudade of Sunday was reentering the planets surface.
Monday vs Thursday

Dann battling Diablo