"Is that what you meant Gadved? When you told me to empty my head... I AM DANN!" - Van becoming stronger with Dann
Dann of Thursday is Van's armor, and one of the The Original Seven armors.built along the same lanky proportions as Van himself. Although originally part of The Original Seven, it was used by Van to fight every other member of the Seven.


In compact form it resembles a giant sword and thus wields a huge sword in humanoid form, from which a smaller knife can be separated. A giant blade is mounted on its back, and can provide limited flight capabilities similar to rocket propulsion. Dann is one of the few Armors which possesses no long range attacks, and it depends entirely on Van's movements and swordsmanship in order to inflict damage on its opponents.

Most unusual is its ability to instantly heal injuries or illnesses that Van has, including hangovers, once he enters the cockpit. Furthermore, it also has an Overdrive ability which can emit a highly devastating beam of supercharged G.E.R. fluid which cuts like a giant sword, although its hinted that this ability is Van's and not Dann's. Van, as a result of a special surgery, is symbiotically linked with Dann and is required to interface with the Armor at least once per week. If he does not, he will eventually fall ill as if with a bad fever and die. Accordingly, if either Van dies or Dann is destroyed, the other will cease to exist.


In the beginning of the series, Van has not learned to activate all of Dann's power yet, but by the last episode he has discovered how to utilize Dann's electromagnetic shield, which greatly improves Dann's odds against a long range-attacking opponent. Later towards the end of the series Dann's satellite station was shot down by Saudade of Sunday during its rocket to the moon because of the chances Saudade might have collided with the satellite station, therefore stopping Dann from repairing itself after its battle with Dahlia of Wednesday. Dann later repairs itself using Diablo of Monday's satellite station which is later destroyed by Saudade of Sunday. In the end, Dann is stored in another of the remaining satellites, though is not mentioned which one.


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Funny Stream

Heroes One More Time

  • Dann throws the Pink Amigo to The El Dorado Five

And the Rain Kept Falling

  • Van summons Dann to heal him
  • Van recuperates inside Dann
  • Dann destroys Zakota's gang

Twin's Guards

  • Danna & Volkein vs Twin Lock

The Vengeance Within

  • Wendy spots Dann vs Golden Cradle
  • Dann defeats Golden Cradle

Bound by Blood

  • Dann vs S-Drive Dragon

Thank You Ocean

The Days of No Return

  • Dann prepares to face Diablo

Dream in Progress

  • Van inside Dann
  • Dann vs Diablo

Swift Brownie


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