Carmen 99

A mysterious and self-sufficient mercenary, she's known for gathering needed information, but also charging quite the hefty penny. Running into Van and Wendy quite often throughout their journey it seems to be that Carmen 99 does them more than a favor when it comes to their goal. The '99' in her name is the size of her bust, in centimeters as well as the number of gadgets she hides on her body – thus, Carmen 99 – but her birth name is Carol Mendoza.


Carol Mendoza, better yet, Carmen 99 is a rather sly and cunning typed character. Always finding a way to twist the jobs into her favor, she ends up getting Wendy and Van wrapped up in quite the mess. However, it isn't always like that.

Carmen has some sort of personal attachment to Van himself, so she takes care to make sure what ever job she gives him that he makes it out alive. She does appear to have a large heart and caring personality.

She didn't become a jack of all trades and information broker until after her father died. Reluctant to admit that it could have been one of her worst mistakes, she doesn't let it entirely weigh heavy on her shoulders until after she sees her childhood friend upon returning to her home town while seeking out information on the Clawed Man.

Carmen, has, admitted a few times that she was in love with Van. However, she didn't admit it right to him until after the journey to find the Clawed Man came to its end.