Carul Mendosa, known more commonly as Carmen 99 is a mysterious and self-sufficient mercenary, known for gathering needed information, but also charging quite the hefty penny.

Growing up in the town of Trinolia, Carmen's family were shunned due to their interest in technology. Like her father before her, Carmen would use the tech they developed to aid her as an Information Broker. She gained a reputation for her abilities, and made a living by working for numerous clients and gathering the intel they needed.

Running into Van and Wendy quite often throughout their journey, Carmen becomes a part of their group to stop The Claw and his goals.


Carmen 99 is a voluptuous, tall woman with blue hair and amber eyes. She usually wears a red shirt with a black vest and tight fitting trousers with black thigh high boots. She usually dresses in a practical manner, having numerous gadgets on her for quick access.


For an episode-by-episode summary, see Carmen 99: Series History.

Carmen 99 (real name, Carul Mendosa) is a bright and self-sufficient intelligence agent/mercenary who Van and Wendy encounter in Bridge City, although Van apparently has met her before.

Carmen grew up in the town of Trinolia with her uncle and his daughter, (having lost her parents), both of whom she shared a close friendship with until she left the town. Throughout the series, Carmen frequently leaves Van and Wendy's company to later reunite with them, until she finally joins forces with them at the final stand to save the planet.

In the second to the last episode, she infiltrates the Claw's headquarters along with Yukiko, planting bombs along the way. Carmen winds up in a room filled with the flowers that devastated her hometown, where she confronts Fasalina, her nemesis, for the last time. While they fight, Carmen admits to being jealous of Fasalina's directness, freedom and innocent appearance, but declares that she would rather die than become like her. When the Claw dies, Fasalina begs Carmen to kill her. At first, Carmen is more than happy to do so, but when she finds Michael Garret running towards Fasalina, she spares both of them.

In the end, she also admits to liking Van very much after he finally remembers her name, though she laughs it off, before flying away.


Carmen is a rather sly and cunning character. Always finding a way to twist the jobs into her favor, she ends up getting Wendy and Van wrapped up in quite the mess. However, it usually provides new leads in their pursuit of The Claw.

Carmen possesses a playful personality, often teasing Van, Wendy and the others in a humorous manner. She has a sardonic sense of humor, often ironically reveling in the dire situations they all get into. Despite this, she has a kindness to her, and often looks out for those around her, albeit coated in her sarcasm. She is also a realist, quick to observe the situation critically.

Although she can seem outwardly focuses on her job and getting paid, Carmen has a lot of passion in her that she uses to support her friends and fight the good fight.

Battle Information

While Carmen doesn't use an Armor, she is none-the-less an expert in hand to hand combat. Her weapon of choice is a mechanized bladed Yo-Yo, developed by Findley. She wields this weapon with skill, using it to hit and disarm opponents from a distance. Carmen is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, being able to fight the Baron's guards and Fasalina in close-quarter fights.



  • Van: Carmen has known Van for sometime, even aware of his relationship with Elena. She seemed to be friends with Van, and often uses him to help her with certain jobs she's hired for, offering him a slice of the profits in return. She is on of the few people who understands Van's pain and quest for revenge, and as such doesn't try to question his goals for vengeance. Despite her support for him, she is not above using him if it can help her get what she wants. She is aware of his skills and knows that he can be coerced into helping her should information about The Claw be on the line. She eventually decides to help Van out, as his quest for revenge lines up with her desire to get even with Fasalina. Carmen often keeps Van reigned in, warning him that his willingness to rush into a situation will not end well. She also secures important jobs and information for him across the series, which helps him get closer to The Claw. This all seems to be filtered for Carmen's feelings for Van, which she mentions at the end of the series.
  • Wendy: When Carmen and Wendy first meet, Carmen wonders how Van could let a child follow him around. She is initially dismissive of Wendy, but realizes she is a good kid when they help each other escape the Baron Mayor. Wendy also warms up to Carmen and is often pleased to see her, calling her Carul instead of Carmen, which seems to annoy Carmen slightly. They gradually bond over the series, and Carmen acts like an older sister to Wendy. Like she does with Van, Carmen is quick to make Wendy realize the hard facts of a situation, and keeps her grounded.
  • Ray: Carmen hires Ray for Elle Driver, wanting him to do her bidding for profit. She seemed to be aware of Ray's skills, and as such had Elle hire him as a bodyguard. The situation escalates when Carmen has Elle's twin Earl hire Van as a guard, causing Ray and Van to clash several times. As with Van, Carmen was not above using Ray for her own ends, but considers him a loose cannon and as such tries to avoid using him after the events at B-5-10. Much later, Carmen asks Ray to help them launch Van into space, which he reluctantly agrees to. Carmen seems to understand Ray's desire for revenge, but thinks he is much more dangerous to be around than Van, considering the amount of collateral damage Ray often causes.
  • Joshua: Carmen seems to prefer Joshua to Ray, as he seems more innocent and sweet. Carmen finds Joshua friendly and helpful. She also has sympathy for Joshua's goal of stopping his brother's quest for revenge. Despite his youth, Carmen recognizes Joshua's intelligence, and often trusts him with important tasks when they form their group to stop The Claw.
  • The El Dorado Five: Carmen meets the El Dorado Five in Gloria, and learns that Van helped them out. She seemed to have a nice time with them, even having her photograph taken with them and Yukiko. She later contacts them in order to secure their help when dealing with The Claw. She seems to find them amusing, and knows that they can be helpful with their Armor on their side.
  • Yukiko: Carmen met Yukiko along with the El Dorado Five. Although they are friendly, Carmen worries that Yukiko might not be up for the challenges ahead, but Yukiko proves herself on countless occasions. Carmen appreciates Yukiko's more domestic tenancies, as Yukiko often cooks and cleans for the group. Despite that, the pair can often have heart to heart conversations, with Yukiko often quick to follow Carmen's lead.
  • Priscilla: When Carmen sees Priscilla in action at Duel Park, she is impressed by Priscilla's skills. When she, Van and Wendy learn of Priscilla's struggles, they are sympathetic, eventually helping Priscilla win the prize money to help her family. Later, Priscilla helps Carmen and the group against The Claw. Carmen trusts Priscilla can handle situations on her own, and seems to enjoy her company.
  • Hayetah: Carmen's childhood friend living in her home town Trinolia. The two were very close as children, and even had a secret garden where they would play. Their families were rejected by the town for their interest in technology and what they thought of as "suspicious" behavior. As such, Carmen and Hayetah only really had each other. When Carmen's parents died, she took after her father as an information broker and left town, using her skill to earn a living. Hayetah remained in Trinolia, and adapted to the town, eventually becoming a loved member of the community because of her pink flowers she planted everywhere. When Carmen returns 6 years later, the pair are reunited and are happy to see each other. However, things soon turn sower when Carmen learns that Hayetah's flowers are poisonous, and that she is growing them for The Claw. When Carmen confronts her, Hayetah scolds Carmen for leaving, and expecting things to be the same after all these years. Hayetah tells her she adapted to the town, and found kindness when she provided the flowers, making her feel loved. Carmen tells her it's wrong, and attempts to convince her to stop. Ultimately, Hayetah sees the errors of her ways and destroys the flowers, but loses Findley in the process. Carmen has sympathy for her friend, but their friendship is strained due to those events. It is also what drives Carmen to stop The Claw, as his reach and infulence hurt the people closest to her.
  • Findley: A close friend of her fathers, Carmen calls him "Uncle Findley" due to the close bond their families shared. Findley taught Carmen everything she knows, and even developed the tech she uses. When she return to Trinolia, she is pleased to see him and Hayetah. She is shocked when she sees him in his weakened state, but her offers to help her out with the Data Board. She has a lot of respect for him, and cares a lot for him. When she discovers he has collapsed, he tells her about the effect of Hayetah's poisonous flowers, and goes to stop her.


  • The Claw: Carmen wants to help Van defeat The Claw. She develops a personal vendetta against him due to the events in Trinolia with Hayetah. Although she wants to stop him, her personal goal is more focused on getting even with Fasalina, who was the one acting on The Claw's behalf in Trinolia.
  • Fasalina: Carmen develops a rivalry with Fasalina after the events of Trinolia, in which Fasalina was collecting the Flowers for The Claw's plans. Fasalina ambushes Carmen at Zonnet Junction, stealing the data board that Carmen was having analysed. Feeling humiliated but not sloppy, Carmen put a tracker on the board and then claimed it back from Fasalina. She develops a grudge against Fasalina, confronting her several times over their journey.


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  • The "99" in her name is a reference to her bust - 99 cm according to Wendy.
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