"The only thing that I'm any good at is armors, and it's really only when i'm riding Brownie that I feel like myself even..." - Priscilla comments on how it feels to pilot Brownie
Brownie is Priscilla's armor. Brownie is an effective armor, with Van likening it to the Original Seven.


Brownie was a customized armor built to fight in the B-1 Grand Prix hosted in Duel Park. Originally owned by Prisilla's adoptive mother, Priscilla would later use this armor herself.

Brownie resembles a pink rabbit that stands on two legs. Priscilla controls the armor through a control interface system (MOS) implanted in her lower spine, which allows her movements to be directly mimicked by her Armor, thus taking advantage of her athletic abilities.

Brownie is equip with elbow hidden elbow blades and a "bunny tail" machine gun that fires numerous bolts. She also uses a whip-like-spear for ranged attacks.


In the past, Brownie was ridden by Priscilla and Johanna's Mother, who inspired Priscilla to learn how to ride Armor.

In the present day, Priscilla uses Brownie in the B-1 Grand Prix Armor battle tournament at Duel Park. She manages to reach the final round with Brownie. She often finds spare parts in the nearby junkyard which she uses to customize and repair Brownie.

In the final round, Brownie faces off against Van's Armor Dann of Thursday, and is able to hold her own against him. Although Dann is able to damage Brownie, another Armor Rider, Zakota intrudes on the match in his Super Armor. Van leaves the match to let Priscilla and Brownie face off against Zakota, whom they easily defeat.


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